Combine your shared workspace and IT outsourcing to scale up for growth.

Posted by John Kennedy on May 9, 2018 10:08:43 PM
John Kennedy

Whether you’re a freelancer working in the gig economy, a tech founder, or a start-up wizard, there are a number of benefits that you should keep front of mind when considering your next office move.

Most of us sitting in a “regular office” probably feel that those that use shared workspaces, probably work whenever they feel like it, meetings in the closest coffee shop and can name every Apple product ever created. Although that might seem appealing to some, others using shared workspaces may find they lack a disciplined work structure, more familiar to a regular office that can be frustrating and challenging.

What is a shared office space?

A shared office space offers everything you'd expect from a regular office but you have the flexibility to rent the workspace hourly, daily, weekly or on a monthly, shared with fellow coworkers.

In many locations, you have the ability to choose the type of shared workspace that is best fit for you; where you can grab a space from a first come, first served basis or sign up for a defined office space that only you can use.

A shared space provides access to an office that is ready to go as soon as you sign the rental agreement, so no need to worry about setting yourself up – it’s real plug and play. Plug in your lap top, get the WIFI password and your away!

You’ll also be in the company of like-minded people and have some great networking opportunities.

Taking time to choose the right shared office space will not only help your business grow but help mature your business acumen as you rub shoulders with fellow entrepreneurs who you can tap for advice.

The benefits:


There is no long term upfront commitment needed that you would normally associate with buying or leasing office space. A smart way to preserve your cash flow and keep costs to a minimum.

Plus, you can add and take away seats as and when you need them so it is reassuring you can manage your cost exposure in the short term.


A shared workspace is cheaper than renting your own office and you don’t have to plan to cover utility costs as they are normally included in the monthly fee.


Studies have shown that workers in a shared office space work more effectively due to their interactions with coworkers and often an office design that encourages collaboration. Plus, you are probably working with “like-minded” people which can be a motivation for improved productivity.

Building a start-up can be an uphill struggle. No matter your growth stage, there are always new things to learn and opportunities to get different perspectives from your coworkers.


Having a readymade network on hand is a great learning opportunity, but you do need to avoid trying to sell to everybody, seeing your coworkers as prospects all the time can be exhausting.

Being in a shared workspace you’ll naturally increase your network any way. Important contacts can occur over a coffee, lunch or meeting speakers brought in to develop new skills and connections with workshops or presentations.

You can build a team

When your business is ready to scale up and hire new team members, there’s no better place to begin your search than the coworkers around you, even if they are not available they are a great resource to provide recommendations and advice.

Technology needs

Basing your business in a shared workspace also means that you need to consider your technology infrastructure, it’s a great moment to really choose an IT support plan and hardware that can be scaled for growth to meet your exacting needs.

The financial realities of running a small business can make hiring an in-house IT resource too expensive, especially if you are a freelancer or an early stage small business. So, outsourcing your IT support and leasing your hardware should be a natural choice.

Outsourcing can save money, protect you from the unexpected and lets you focus on the critical factors to get your business growing.  

Work.Tools are experts at IT support and technology, so leave the hard work to us and you get on with running a business.

Subscribing to a Worktools Plan is like having your own dedicated IT team at a fraction of the cost, on hand whenever needed

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