Why outsource your IT needs?

Posted by John Kennedy on Jul 19, 2018 8:57:47 AM
John Kennedy

Hi tech and low cost, the benefits of outsourcing our IT needs.

If as a business you are spending a disproportionate amount of effort and money to manage “non-core” functions, then it could be time to consider outsourcing to improve cost efficiency and productivity.

Nowhere is outsourcing more prevalent than in the world of IT. The underlying principle is that because a third-party provider focuses on a particular task or skill set, it’s able to perform it better, faster and cheaper than you could.

Your IT infrastructure, systems, applications, software, hardware, etc. are expensive, complex and often require skilled resources to install and manage them, which you may not have available.

As a business, whether you are a start-up, ramping up or just fed up, the need to reduce operational costs and focus on ‘“mission critical” activities should be your number one priority.

By outsourcing, companies can free up resources and divert that energy to new or existing projects that deliver higher yields than the original tasks.

Companies might find, too, that they can streamline or shorten their production times because the third-party suppliers are quicker at executing the outsourced tasks.

Typically not many small businesses can afford to hire an in-house IT team, or specialist competencies, especially if they are just starting out. 

Companies may also opt to outsource as a way to shift meeting regulatory requirements or obligations to a third-party supplier. Especially now with the looming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) which places such heavy demands on organizations to secure their IT systems and personal data.

Even when you have access to internal resources that consider themselves technologically savvy, it’s doubtful that they have the professional IT experience or time available to effectively manage your ongoing IT needs.

The level of IT support required can range from a case-by-case basis, on-demand or to a full 24/7 support plan.  The extent of a Plan may depend on the technology preferences of a business owner or the workforce. Are you are okay for example to channel your needs through email support, live chat or do you prefer a voice at the end of the phone?

At Worktools we always recommend taking an appointment with your vendor to discuss individual technology needs against support considerations.

Are you looking for a completely new IT infrastructure, or need a review of your existing set-up? We use our own IT audit checklist to look at a client's current IT infrastructure, review cyber security and then make a recommendation on what future IT requirements would be.

All of our Plans provide access to low-cost leasing terms for the best kit available with software included, ready to go.

What level of IT support do you need?

To help you decide on the level of IT support that your business might need, we have listed below some hints on the areas you may want to cover:

  1. General day-to-day tech and IT support

  2. Cyber security and data backup

  3. Database support

  4. Data centre hosting

  5. Managed phone lines

  6. Disaster recovery

However as your business grows, the level of support that you need will change. So make sure that your vendor is flexible enough to grow with you.

For larger projects, it helps to meet face to face, for your IT support to get a better idea of exactly what you need.

A more comprehensive plan for outsourcing your IT could include:

  1. Computer hardware solutions

  2. IT infrastructure audits

  3. IT training

  4. On-site support and technology advice

  5. Advice from a virtual CTO

  6. Sales and Marketing technology

Take Away

If managing a third-party supplier rivals the resources devoted to the tasks that were outsourced in the first place, it may negate some if not all of the benefits of outsourcing.

You should also pick a partner that is adaptable and listens to your needs. Giving away control to an outsourced supplier needs a high level of trust.

Additionally, find a supplier that understands your most valuable asset - your staff. Avoid encountering difficulties in getting your own employees to open up and communicate, by selecting a third party supplier that understands your culture, and wants to make a difference to your business.

Don't forget to take a tour of our Plans, and contact us to learn more about how we can help take your business to the next level. 

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